In our office, we offer a variety of printed publications about specific Zambian topics, as well as about FES related topics, such as social democracy. All publications are free of charge and can be acquired at the FES Zambia office.

Nyirenda, E. J.; Shikwe, Adrian

Trade union country Report Zambia

Lusaka, 2003

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FES/TUAC Workshop on the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

with support of the European Commission ; Holida Inn, Lusaka, Zambia 6-7 October, 2003
Lusaka, 2003

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Habasonda, Lee

Globalisation and socio-economic development in the small economies of Africa

workshop proceedings 22-23rd September, 2003 at Intercontinental Hotel, Lusaka
Lusaka, 2003

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The Cotonou-Agreement between the European Union and the African, Caribbean-Pacific (ACP) Countries

Lusaka, 2002

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Banda, Darlington Amos

The trade union situation in Zambia

an overwiew of the law, practice and the way forward ; a monogram
Bonn, 1999

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