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Our Team

We are always eager to get your feedback on our projects, activities and publications. Please feel free to contact us.

Fritz Kopsieker

Resident Representative


Kathy Short

Programme Manager



Precious Ng'onga

Programme Manager



Michaela Msapenda

Procurement Officer


Kalumba Leah Kabwe

Administrative Assistant

Sam Tembo

Office Orderly/Care Taker

Monika Barkley

Finance Manager


Vince Chipatuka

Programme Manager



Nalomba.C. Chilufya-Mbewe

Communications Manager



Ingrid Williams

Programme Assistant


Chewe Kondolo


Zambia Office

6 Nalubutu Road Off Addis Ababa Road,

Plot Number 1346,

P.O Box 30554,

Rhodespark,Lusaka, Zambia.

+260 211 295579, + 260 211 295615/16, + 260 211 295591


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