Tuesday, 27.04.2021 - Tuesday, 27.04.2021 - Lusaka, The Radisson Blu Hotel

Cyber Regulation Symposium

The protection of fundamental freedoms depends on effective and well-legislated digital cyber regulation since digitalisation proceeds to shape our future. The Cyber Regulation Symposium discusses current problems and possible way forward in Zambia.

Digital Rights: Cyber Regulation Symposium

There will be no social justice without media freedom. A free and functioning media environment must be seen as a precondition for open public discourse and a democratic way of organising societies. And as digitalisation proceeds, digital rights become just as relevant as classic media rights.

The Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Act in Zambia is a fairly recent but highly criticised regulatory instrument. Journalists and human rights activists claim it limits media freedom, citizen’s freedoms of expression and other fundamental rights. They therefore seek to analyse the legislation and revise it in such a way that it guards those fundamental rights also in the digital context.

The Cyber Regulation Symposium is an opportunity to discuss current problems and possible way forward in Zambia.


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