Political Debate in Livingstone

Livingstone candidates for the Zambian National Assembly discussed pressing issues live on Power FM Radio.

Election years are the time for societies to renegotiate Social Justice. With the General Election on 12th August 2012, the Zambian citizens have again the opportunity to decide the political direction in which the country should develop. Such major decisions can only be taken well-informed. In order to act in one's interest, the people need to understand not only the political environment but also the options they have.



    Issue-based Campaigning

    Together with our partner SACCORD, we organised a radio debate with political candidates in Livingstone, Zambia. During this debate, the candidates had the chance to present their perspectives on, inter alia, the following pressing issues:

    1. What is your vision for the city of Livingstone? The Corona Pandemic made evident that the local economy needs diversifaciton to become more resilient.
    2. How do you personally address and act responsibly concerning the political violence during the campaigns?
    3. What is your position on political campaigning during the Covid-19 pandemic?
    4. In many countries, and now also in Zambia, we perceive a commercialisation of elections; campaign gifts are handed out to potential voters and sometimes even cash. This is not what the poor people in Zambia need. What do you have to offer to fight poverty?


    If you are interested in the positions of the candidates, you can watch the whole debate on facebook.


    The following candidates from Livingstone took part in the debate

    • Namakau Sianga, Patriotic Front
    • Leonard Matoka, Democratic Party
    • Rodney Sikumba, United Party for National Development
    • Agefrey Brielly, Socialist Party

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