Promoting Women ‘s Participation in Decision Making

It is not possible to promote Freedom, Justice and Solidarity–for all persons, without Gender Justice.

Why are there still few Women in positions of Political Power? What can be done to promote Womens participation in Decision Making?


Often, women face very different expectations on their roles than men. These may be shaped by economic structures and cultural customs. Sometimes, women even face open opposition and resistance to their ambitions. Also, running a campaign might be very costly and accessing resources might be a huge challenge. In addition to that, women mostly were never expected to participate in politics and lack access to specific information, knowledge and understanding of the political practice.

Positive Development in a country is achieved through various factors such as Sustainable Peace, Improved Productivity and General Growth, these factors all benefit from Gender Justice. The FES Zambia has partnered the Zambia National Women’s Lobby (ZNWL) to co-organise a 2 day training workshop for female councillors in Zambia, starting 16th September 2021 till 17th September 2021. The ultimate aim is to make women’s participation in decision making the new normal, as it is not possible to promote Freedom,  Justice and Solidarity – for all persons, without Gender Justice.

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