The ZCTU launched its Workers' Manifesto

In time for the General Elections, our partner, the Zambian Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has set out its expectations for the future government, emphasising the responsibility of the trade union umbrella organisation for the Zambian labour movement and for progressive, equitable development in the country.

The year 2021 is an important one for Zambia and its labour movement. With the general elections in August, there arrives an major opportunity for the unions to renegotiate social justice but also for the next government to appreciate the role of the Zambian workers and their trade unions for the creation og wealth and justice. There is no wealth without workers. The promotion of workers' rights contributes strongly and sustainably to the prosperity of national economies.

With the launch of the first Workers' Manifesto of the Zambian Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), the congress announces openness for negotiations with any administration and articulates the interests of the Zambian workforce. As well, the union umbrella body demonstrates its commitment to represent its members in a responsible and unified matter. We as FES support workers' rights all over the globe and are confident that the Zambians have a stong political ally with the ZCTU.

The ZCTU Workers' Manifesto

Download the ZCTU Workers' Manifesto here.

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