SADC Programme Social Compact and Social Justice

Social Compact and Social Justice Programme in the SADC Region

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Zambia working with partners continues to play a significant role in the area of promoting citizen government cooperation and social justice for all in Zambia and the SADC region.

In the period 2023-2025 the FES Zambia have an opportunity to ensureeconomic and social policies in Zambia and the SADC region, which are socially just as well as climate and gender sensitive.

The Social Compact and Social Justice programme in SADC region continues to work towards strengthening social protection policies based on international covenants, agreements and recommendations through lobby groups.

To achieve this, FES Zambia works in cooperation with different partners (CSO’s, Trade Unions and FES Offices) in Zambia and in the SADC region through various initiatives.



Some of the yearly activities of the SADC Region Programme include: 

  • Focused Country Workshops
  • Social policy Fora
  • Topical Regional Conferences

Zambia Office

6 Nalubutu Road Off Addis Ababa Road,
Plot Number 1346,
P.O. Box 30554,

Rhodespark, Lusaka, Zambia

+260 211 295579
+ 260 211 295615-16
+ 260 211 295591


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