Wednesday, 15.11.2023 - Thursday, 16.11.2023 - Lusaka, Zambia | Event, News
Picture by FES Zambia

In an effort to engage stakeholders effectively in the Just City working line in Zambia, there is need to define what a Just City is in the Zambian…


Thursday, 21.09.2023 - Friday, 22.09.2023 - Lusaka, Zambia | Event, News
Picture by FES Zambia

By empowering women and young workers with leadership skills, understanding of gender dynamics, and advocacy techniques, the Trade Union Gender and…


Thursday, 14.09.2023 - Thursday, 14.09.2023 - Lusaka, Zambia | Event, News

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Zambia Office, joined hands with stakeholders in Zambia in hosting a panel discussion to “Review the State of Democracy…


Tuesday, 29.08.2023 - Tuesday, 29.08.2023 - Lusaka, Zambia | Event, News

The Zambian youth have played a major role for the change of power in Zambia in August 2021. A politically interested youth is a godsend for further…


Tuesday, 22.08.2023 - Friday, 25.08.2023 - Johannesburg, South Africa | Event, News

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Zambia working with partners continues to play a significant role in the area of promoting social justice for all…


Wednesday, 26.07.2023 - Wednesday, 26.07.2023 - Lusaka, Zambia | Event, News

The informal economy plays a critical role in the lives of thousands of individuals in both urban and rural set up across Zambia. It provides…


Sunday, 19.03.2023 - Friday, 24.03.2023 - Chisamba, Zambia | Event, News

With participants consisting of 13 women and 13 men from numerous regions of Zambia, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Zambia Office, YLDP first block week…


Thursday, 02.03.2023 - Thursday, 02.03.2023 - Lusaka, Zambia | Event, News

The social protection sub-sector in Zambia has continued to grow significantly over the past 10 years, on the backdrop of the National Social…


Tuesday, 28.02.2023 - Tuesday, 28.02.2023 - Lusaka, Zambia | Event, News

In an effort to provide awareness and accelerate the achievement of just cities and the SDG No. 11 in Zambia, FES Zambia and UN-Habitat commissioned a…


Wednesday, 02.11.2022 - Thursday, 03.11.2022 - Lusaka, Zambia | Event, News

The Social Protection and Social Justice Conference in Zambia gave government and non-state actors an opportunity to review the Social Protection…


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